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What is LED Therapy?

LED technology is nonthermal, meaning it does not use heat. LED light is used for skin rejuvenation. LED uses visible light, such as red, yellow, blue and infrared (invisible) to produce different effects on the skin. LED converts light to cellular energy that stimulates the body's collagen and metabolism.

What is Red Light Photorejuvenation?

Red light has the ability to promote collagen proliferation, skin cell regeneration, improve fine lines and wrinkles and increase blood circulation. Red light is a very effective treatment for aging, diminishing dark spots and increased firmness of the skin.

What is Blue Light Photorejuvenation?

Blue light works by killing the bad bacteria on your skin that causes acne. Blue light helps to clean the skin and prevent infection of current wounds such as active breakouts. Blue light can also help to inhibit overactive sebaceous glands. Overactive sebaceous glands can produce too much oil, clogging your pores.

What is Yellow Light Photorejuvenation?

Yellow light improves lymph function and microcirculation, decreases pigment and relieves redness in the skin that can be caused by increased blood flow in superficial capillaries.

LED Therapy Sessions